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Swade Clothing was founded in 1973, the male fashion house was originally a clothing production plant in the 50s. Years of experience on the front of a production line gives the house a superior knowledge in garment construction.

This season we see the brand taking creativity down new routes with a very strong direction for trends.

“Spicing British quality with Italian flair”, our new range would not seem out of place from Manchester to Milan. Casual yet super smart, classic yet original, with a twist of true Italian class.

Our subtle but edgy polo-shirts are of a modern style, yet with a distinctly British Mod spirit.

All our designs bring the fashion of the continent to the streets of the UK. Whether in a restaurant, bar, theatre or club, our designs are sure to dazzle. Somewhat traditionally formed yet highly original in design, our cutting-edge range exemplifies all that is celebrated about Italian fashion,whilst retaining a distinctly British dimension. It truly is the best of both worlds.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our journey.....